Orgonite are devices that generate a positive healing energy that is called orgone energy. In other traditions life energy Orgone is also known as Chi and Prana. Through the 7 chakras the Orgone energy flows through our body. When the energy flow is smooth and free from blockages, we experience health and prosperity in body, mind, and spirit.

Orgonite devices come in many shapes and sizes, include orgone energy pyramid,  gemstone angel, orgone energy pendant, and much more. The size and shape may vary from device to device the principal function of each device is the same – to repel negative energy and fill the aura with positive energy.

Wearing orgonite or placing them near you is highly beneficial, that’s why it is suggested that you always choose authentic and genuine orgonite made with natural crystals. Because purchasing any other type of orgonite cystral can often do more harm than any good. And that’s the reason why we at Orgonite Crystals make sure that you, as our valued customer, always receive authentic and handmade orgonite.

Choosing the best orgonite is always a doubtful task as we always tend to fall for what we see and hear. But with the help of expert tips and advice, you can easily choose an orgonite device. Below are a few expert tips on how to choose the best orgonite.

Tips to Choose the Best Orgonite

  • Materials Used – In short all you need is to ensure the Orgonite device is made of authentic and genuine materials. Orgonite devices are meant to generate positive orgone energy. But if the material used in it is not able to generate positive vibrations and can’t prevent energy blockages then the device can also harm you. No matter if you are buying an orgone energy pyramidorgone energy pendantgemstone angel, or any other device.
  • Type of Crystals Used – Orgonite devices consists of Orgonite Crystalswhich are an integral part of it. And in market we have both the natural crystals as well as the fake crystals. It’s quite obvious that in order to experience the best healing properties of orgonite, it is important that the crystals used in the devices are authentic and genuine crystals that boast of amazing healing properties.
  • How Space is Used – Orgonite Crystalsused in orgonite devices do not have a similar and symmetrical shape. Each crystal will have a different and unique shape and will usually be asymmetrical. Which will cause the formation of unwanted spaces in the orgone device. The unwanted spaces will often have a negative impact on your life and aspirations. Make sure that the orgonite you have purchased is symmetrical in shape and size.

These are some of the best tips by experts that can help you choose the best orgonite device for you. From Orgonite Crystals, you can purchase handmade and authentic orgonite like the orgone energy pyramidgemstone angel, orgone energy pendant,  and much more. Purchase from us now!

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