The 7 chakras of the body are energy centres which are liable for carrying out the everyday functioning of the organs they surround, and the capabilities those organs are liable for.

The alignment of the chakras refers to synchronization and harmony among all the chakras, which promotes the best possible shape one can be physically and mentally. People strive a lot of techniques and practices to align their chakras and experience optimum. But one thing that works is operating with healing crystals.

Healing crystals were acknowledged to mankind for their extraordinary powers for thousands of years. In these thousands of years, what are the best combinations, which crystals work for which zodiac and other little tweaks have been tried and tested out. The best way for your crystals to work with chakra alignment is by using them through the medium of pyramids.

Pyramids manufactured from strong blocks of crystals or epoxy resin pyramids with crystals embedded in them are mystical things of sizeable ramifications for their users. Pyramids have been known to mankind for their ethereal energy vortexes and their powers of preservation and fulfillment. For a person who has set intentions for themselves, and is looking at crystals for help achieving them, this combination will work wonders.

A 7 chakra pyramid is a mega combination of stones with 7 layers, all appearing on one chakra each. This type of a pyramid is made in epoxy resin, with pellets and tumbled crystals  appropriate for the 7 chakras located in the order the chakras are aligned in the human body.

To make this pyramid give you the results you want in the best feasible manner, it’s important for you to allow this mystical device do its magic and allow yourself wander away in its powers. When you meditate with the pyramid in your proximity, it’ll align your chakras, and its powers in a manner that brings you the maximum powers of manifestation.

It is important that you anoint your pyramid with the correct ceremonies because when it is activated with the right energies, it works the most efficiently.

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