Among all the orgonite crystals Green Jade is the most popular that is known, human. There are many amazing properties of stone all over the world that tells us Green Jade is revered across civilizations and cultures. Green Jade is also known to be the oldest gemstones of all the orgonite crystals used by us. As soon as Green Jade has discovered it found its place as jewelry and even used as tools.

The power of healing of Green Jade was so effective that everyone wanted to keep the stone always with them. And that’s how Green Jade orgonite products were made. Products like orgonite pyramid, gemstone tree, orgonite necklace, and much more. Each and every product have different and unique benefits but have the main common purpose -to generate positive healing orgone energy.

Orgone energy is a life force energy and known as Chi and Prana in other cultures. Through the seven chakras, the orgone energy flows through our bodies. It is very important that our chakras must be in harmony to lead a healthy and happy life. Balanced chakras enable the smooth flow of energy through our body without any blockages. Orgonite devices that are made with authentic crystals, help in removing all the energy blockages and ensures a better flow of energy in our body.

Green Jade is popular for its many healing properties. The stone balances one of the important chakras in the body i,e., the Heart Chakra, also known as Anatha. The Heart Chakra represents love, warmth, joy, and compassion. It symbolizes qualities like compassion, kindness, healthy bond with others, sharing, respect, and generosity.

Green Jade orgonite crystal helps in removing the negativity and protect us from the harmful effects that negative energy has. We will begin to experience health issues and other problems, whenever the negative energy that surrounds us start affecting our life. The power of Green Jade helps us stay protected and make sure that no evil or any kind of negative energy sources can harm us.

To experience the benefits of Green Jade crystal it is suggested to laid next to your skin. A Green Jade orgonite necklace is a product that you can wear for enjoying its benefits and it will look beautiful as well. Wearing orgonite or keeping Green Jade orgone devices near you helps boost your relationships with others and help you be a better person that is full of positivity.

The best part of Green Jade’s properties and benefits is that it helps in attracting fortune and luck into your life. Products like Green Jade gemstone tree helps you in achieving your goals and make you will have success and growth in your career and business. You can keep the Green Jade Money Tree in your home and office as well for attracting luck and success in your life.

Other properties of Green Jade are as below:

  • Helps in detoxifying your body and ensuring better health
  • Connects you with the divine and helps you self-discover yourself
  • Stimulates your mind and helps generate innovative and creative ideas
  • Calms you and brings harmony into your life
  • Helps attract friends and maintain healthy relationships

The properties and benefits of Green Jade orgonite crystal are not limited to just these. No matter whether you are using Green Jade as an orgonite pyramid, gemstone tree, orgonite necklace, or any other orgone energy product, you are gonna experience its numerous benefits.

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